Fashion retailer GURU on Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona announces: SALE (sael) (nuon; plular sales)

Guess which of the following didn't make it into the budget:
  • Retail space on Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona: €2,000m² per annum (Cushman & Wakefield are commonly assumed to make up these numbers as part of their commercial strategy, but whatever)
  • English-speaker to stop our advertisement making us look like complete fucking arseholes: €40 one-off


Visit us and it will be able to see a Warehouse Jerezana, small, but of great captivation and simplicity, personal and nice treatment

Bodegas Almocaden goes beyond the usual annoying Flash and cursor-stalker. All a bit sad: I've never drunk anything by them, but I suspect it's pretty good. Unfortunately there's more to life than product.


Fucked translation of the month

Congratulations to Begur, a council just over the Spanish border from France, which provides four languages on its welcome board telling you where you are. The Catalan and the Spanish are spelt wrong, the third language is probably Occitan (which most French tourists don't understand), and the English is correct but casual. (Of course this is more stupid illiteracy and fucked interculturality than fucked translation, but an exception needed to be made.)


a young and dynamic structure that bets by an educational formation and search of quality and advanced methods

To be fair to the University of Lérida, the general opinion is that they don't do anything worth translating properly.

This establishement has claims and complaint book at your disposition if you so request it.

Many thanks to Lenox Napier, who says this has been inflicted on businesses in Almería since at least the 1970s, and who notes the loving care with which fonts were matched when phone numbers changed from 6 to 9 digits.