Correlation between xenophobia and English spelling ability?

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A cowboy mouse: Hello you! let me out! and don't catch me like a trout

Francisco Gabilondo Soler has been denounced for his song, Ratón Vaquero, from the Cri-Cri show (more here), in which a Yankee mouse demands his freedom from the trap into which he has fallen:
Or (I think: no sound here):
The offending text in full:
What the heck is this house
for a manly cowboy mouse?
Hello you! let me out!
and don't catch me like a trout.
Unlike the snitch, I don't think that piscatorial linguistics are at issue here. You can catch trout with a line, or if you're really clever by tickling (Beaumont & Fletcher: "Be a Baron and a bold one: leave off your tickling of young heirs like Trouts, and let thy Chimnies smoke."), but then there are also traps:
So the mouse, like the inhabitants of Numantia, is merely complaining that he has been taken by fiendish cunning rather than in fair combat. The previous couplet may for all I know be dodgy, but let's not waste all day trying to pick holes in Mexico's greatest poet.


Tourism non-promotion

It sometimes feels like this blog is being outsourced to Lenox, also to be found here now. I've detailed various examples of Catalan administrations that only market to foreigners in Catalan, and I'm sure the phenomenon is to be found elsewhere, and that the mayors' nephews and nieces are very grateful. Any nice examples?