Dear El País: If you're going to rely on faulty machine translation, do at least remove the mouseovers which display the original language

Roll your mouse over this copy-paste from CiberPaís, which copy-pasted from whichever MT tool they're on (via the excellent Malaprensa):

Hasta ahora, la ciudad de Cupertino devolvía el 50% de los impuestos que recibía de Apple por las ventas de la empresa. En el futuro, la ciudad solo devolverá el 35% de esas tasas.
The translation is of course fucked, but El País is kind enough not to byline whichever sub-minimum-wage sucker is directly responsible.

"Vs" in Spanish

Sometimes it means "is/is equal to", for example in this Parable of the Lost Greeks (h/t Tom): "Achilles vs. Alberto Ruiz Gallardon".

Sometimes it seems to mean something like "presents/hosts": in "javi garcia roche VS Juanito Lee y Carlitos 'el salsero'", Juanito and Carlitos are in the container of death, and Javi is Chatarras Palace and is, I have been hoping since an initial encounter last winter prior to his nobbled super welter title attempt ("¡No somos gitanos ni gente rara!"), the man who will put the Gallego Prada brothers out of business and turn Spanish boxing into a well-financed, mainstream sport.

Sometimes, I suppose, it must also be used in the only sense recorded by the RAE: "(Del ingl. versus, y este del lat. versus 'hacia'). 1. prep. Frente a, contra. Occidente versus Oriente."

Any more uses?