Spanglish as a pidgin?

This morning someone rather unusual said something to me along the lines of:

Hice tres footin(g)(s) pero se me rompió el tendón(g), entonces dos liftin(g)(s) y ya me ves la cara, y luego en el hospital me metieron un dopin(g) tremendo y ahora estoy en una relación con la farmacéutica y lo llamo la ley de la morfi.

In a rambling entry Wikipedia tells us that "Spanglish is not a pidgin language." However, I wonder whether a particularly mild form of Spanglish hasn't made the jump and isn't already functioning as an endogenous pidgin. For example, this well-established class of articulated gerund nouns (I think the article is relatively rare in standard English), often expressive of spandexhibitionism, is used extensively within the happy family of Hispanic Romance vernacular dialecticians, who I think may even (perhaps out of embarrassment) tend to avoid it in conversation with native English speakers.

Maybe someone better qualified and/or more experienced can shed light.


Dessert and drunk included

Too many Spanish restaurants these days try to limit you to one glass of the grape with your fixed price menú del día, inside of plonking a bucket of some nature in front of you and refilling as often required. I fear that Capitán Garfío (has anyone been there?) in Prat de Llobregat will be new-style, but the English translation is at least promising.



In which the Catalan authorities ask me to do something in Spanish rather than English

Actually, I'd better not go into the details, but it's all most curious.

Until you recall that the vast majority of "English teachers" employed by the Generalitat are beginners (and not just in English), and that the considerable local population of infra-employed English mother-tonguers (I hope that's not rude) are in practice ineligible to join their ranks because of the native-level Catalan requirement and other bureaucratic devices designed to ensure that none but sons of the soil ever become funcionarios.

So does the state really give a fack about children improving their English skills? Am I being paranoid when I suggest that Big Brother doesn't actually want them (pace the Treaty of Rome, free movement of labour, etc) to acquire the means to escape wage slavery here?

Whatever, there's no reason why this blog shouldn't continue into all eternity, if I can be arsed and the deity leaves me alone.