The Royal Spanish Academy: patronising lardy-arsed suits pigging your tax euro?

The local branch of the Canute Society is campaigning against the (incorrect and correct) use of English in advertising:

The RAE "no es una startup." Confirmation in this video.

¡Numancia romana!



looby said...

Not sure which is worse -- the ousting of Spanish or the sunset of style in the original ad.

It's strange sometimes which Anglicisims take off. French estate agents talk about apartments needing "relooking" -- redecoration, or a tarting up short of renovation. And I learned in Portugal to say "part time" with the rolled r and the long [tiːm] to mean just that. Then again, "weekend" never caught on in Portugal like it has in France. I wonder whether there's any general theory about how such adoptions are made or whether it's too haphazard a process.

P.S. Any chance of being allowed to comment with a name and a URL as in the days of yore?

The Singing Organ-Grinder said...

I'm guessing general theory would end up quite rapidly in the terrain of magpies and rappers: bright shiny things belonging to the first of our great monkey trinity of sex, violence and food.

I've changed the settings back - either troll hunting or just plain drunk when the original change was made.

looby said...

Cheers, ta!